vereor (2021)
Kinly Grey

water, vaporisers, light, timber, screen.

Exhibited in On Fire, curated by Tim Riley Walsh
Institute of Modern Art

vereor is a new, site-specific work that invites visitors to view the work externally, before entering into its internal space. Echoing the cube form of a rudimentary dwelling, the exterior walls of the structure function as screens for a subtle, yet evocative shadow theatre. Plumes of what appear at first to be smoke float and lick against the surface, thrown into exaggerated relief by directional lighting. The result from outside is the appearance of a room quietly ablaze, yet upon entering the interior, no fire can be found. The work’s title is the Latin root of today’s reverence, though it conflates the later term’s respectful awe with the affect of fear.

-Tim Riely Walsh
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