touching in the all

Images: Chris Bennie

touching in the all
Kinly Grey

The Walls Art Space, Miami
March and September 2019

‘touching in the all’ was an exhibition of new work developed during a month in residency at The Walls Art Space.

During this time, Kinly continued their study of light phenomena, this time as an experimental embodiment of ideas inspired by hermetic philosophy. The work is situated as a visual aid to inquiry, as a site to explore and understand the universe and how it might work. Through the use of the camera obscura, Kinly summons histories of art, image making, and astrological study, and conflates these with a kind of contemporary poetic reasoning. Specific to The Walls, Kinly makes minimal interventions in the space, yet brings the outside in, squeezes the large into the small, and, quite literally, turns the world on its head. ‘touching in the all’ is part metaphysical inquiry, part intuitive meaning-making, and a full and humble attempt to glimpse the divine.

I will break it down and first start with saying that science is just feelings, which are the only truth. We each in our cells carry all the genetic information of our physical makeup. Each cell has the information for hair on your head, the length of your shin bones, the balance of acid and alkali in your stomach. The only difference between them is each cell is commanded to express themselves in a variation to the others. For this reason we have different kinds of cells that make up different parts of our bodies. All a different job with the same information. In each cell we carry the All. Carrying, however, is not necessarily touching. In looking we are touching. To touch is to understand. Gathering the threads to pinch together and hold in your hands. Collecting.

Consider the room you are standing in. The pinhole drilled into the rolla-door operates as the gathering. Each strand of light pulled in, collected, concentrated at one point. Everything exists within that space at any given time. Both the pinhole and the light within it become the All. The pinhole, if shifted, would display a slightly different image. A cell of a neighbouring part of the body. A cell with a slightly different instruction. Without the pinhole altogether, the wall would be flooded with light. The All with no consideration, no touching.

– From all (or nothing), exhibition essay by ILYISM (Mercy Bayard and Juanita Ebbs)

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