Images: Louis Lim

Kinly Grey
Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space
23rd – 31st August, 2019

Click here to read exhibition essay by Kate Woodcroft

Developed for Boxcopy, this exhibition featured a light installation and two channel video work. These works play with the mutability and enchantment of the world through its optical image. Through the lens, Miniature explores magnification as fodder for imaginative perception, offering a world released from its obligation to fixed scale.

The light installation uses a candle, and a magnifying lens to “project” the candle’s image onto the wall in incredible detail, upside down and back to front. As the candle burns down, its image rises.

The video work features footage taken through a magnifying glass (left screen) and through a pair of binoculars (right screen). The videos are not synced together so each loop produces new pairings. Footage includes- the sky, some sunsets, the neighbours, the moon, a rose, the cat, some traffic, the front yard, the back yard, sleeping father, lime trees, some leaves, and flies. No efforts were made to disguise the looking and filming devices.

Miniature (video) Kinly Grey 2019

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